Combing an old-school flow with new-school lyricism, ColePrit’s artistry lands gracefully within the evolving sub-genre of Alternative Hip-hop. Born Cole Plouck, ColePrit’s is a goal getter and besides keeping us on our toes, we adore his focus as a creator. His fuse of funk’s best elements with the smoothness of R&B positions him as an artist creating his own rap rapport. With inspiration from the likes of well-rounded artists like Eminem, Kanye West and Kid Cudi, he first tapped into his own sound at the age of 14. A man of many talents, ColePrit’s skill set extends far beyond his ability to align rhymes. In 2014, he landed a spot on the Washington Nationals team following a successful MLB draft. Despite his love for the game, he left the team after completing one full season to pursue a craft he loved even more, MUSIC!!!

We are so excited about the future of this rare gem of a talent to our world. Although in its definitive stage, ColePrit’s music career is a platform of potential. Diverse as he is diligent, he believes he’d “be lying about who he was as an artist if he stuck to one sound.” Though there’s still more of his journey to uncover, Cole’s credited his biggest accomplishment to having people in all corners of the country resonating with his music. In years to come, it’s no doubt ColePrit will represent the voice of a conscious music collective.